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Day 3 - Bondi

I had some packing to do on this morning but it was bound for the post office, not the airport. I nominated a pair of runners, casual shoes, three tops, my running tights and a pair of shorts to return home early. This, and removing my iPad and battery pack from my luggage was to account for the 3kgs that cost me $70 on the way here. I also needed to do some washing. My backpack was coming in handy and at least today it was bursting at the seams for a good reason. Up the hills again, this time fully laden. It was a warm sunny day in Sydney, with a breeze that would dry my washing in no time.

Bondi Graffiti Wall

Jobs done Kelly, Ashley and I walked into Bondi and found a seat at a restaurant called The Bucket List and settled in for lunch. Ashley was busy waving to the man behind her, she has it down to a fine art now. I thought I might try it for about three seconds before coming to my senses and realising I have 34 years on Ashley and can no longer project the same level of innocence.

We went for a walk along the beach and up by the Graffiti Wall after lunch, I think I sighed loudly half a dozen times, a sign I’m finally relaxing a little and in holiday mode. By the time we’d walked back and packed up my washing (narrowly saving the clothes horse from flying away with the clothes I hadn't nominated to fly home early) I was ready for some screen time. Back at my place I lost the next two hours replying to emails and editing photos.

Late that afternoon I went for a walk down to Rose Bay and caught the bus with Kelly and Ashely to Watsons Bay where we were to meet Al for dinner at the Watstons Bay Hotel. A lovely venue for our last night together with stunning views to the city.

Watsons Bay is a settlement, village and suburb on the outermost shores of the southern side of Sydney Harbour but it also has a special place in our history. The first European landfall in Sydney Harbour occurred in Watsons Bay on 21 January 1788, when Captain Phillip and his party came ashore and camped overnight at Camp Cove on their way to select the site for what is now Sydney. They had good taste.

In the early days of the colony, homes were built in Watsons Bay for government officials working at the lookout, signal station and lighthouses, as well as in the military. Many early members of Sydney's elite also chose to live in the area, including two 19th century NSW premiers.

A huge thank you to Kelly and Alistair for sharing the last three days with me. I have so much respect for the both of you, you are wonderful parents and clearly think the world of each other and your beautiful daughter. Thank you for making time for me and treating me like a member of your family, see you all again soon.

Tip: Don’t order prawns if you’re wearing a white t-shirt.

Track: Black Smoke - Emily Wurramara

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