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Aptitude Decoded

Who would I hope to have join Remote Resourcing is a topic I’ve thought on considerably in recent months. So when this question was posed directly in conversation during the week, I was prepared!

To bring someone on board in business, particularly a business of your own is daunting. It requires, in spite of the best resumes, references and highlight reels, a leap of faith that I’m reluctant to take early in the formation of any relationship.

I was twenty one, fresh out of University and determined to do it all alone when I started my first business. Now approaching thirty six let’s be honest, not much has changed in that respect. Nevertheless I’m well aware that seeking out a team to help me guide Remote Resourcing into its next phase is fast becoming an inescapable and essential move.

My longstanding view is; good employees are a company’s greatest asset and most worthwhile investment. Have you been fortunate enough to find that elusive mix of attitude and aptitude? Then do your utmost to keep them around and yes that means remunerate! The time consuming nature of negative attitudes with a propensity for idleness is of far greater cost. A good attitude is invaluable.

So we’ve established where I stand on attitude but what other characteristics might this individual possess?

They’re passionate. They might not walk through the door with a flashing neon sign above their heads but it will be palpable all the same. The enthusiasm derived from passion is a powerful force. I don't want to be responsible for extinguishing it. For me, passion is essential. It will ensure I give my all and then some. I want to see that inspired glint in the eyes of a team and be an advocate for its survival.

I have a passion for the passionate, next though is tact. Much can be lost in the delivery - in addressing our teams as well as our clients. It's something I think about with every interaction. Words are so powerful and taking extra time to consider your audience and choose your words can have a profound affect on how much we are respected within our industry and the ultimate success of our messages. Read the play, then have your say.

They’ll show initiative. If you have the right attitude, a passion for your work and tact to boot, initiative is inevitable. The words innovate, inform and influence make up Remote Resourcing’s tagline; innovate with passion and initiative, inform with the right attitude, and influence with tact.

Influence with tact and timing. Knowing when to speak, interject or listen are skills I value highly and often go hand-in-hand with integrity and respect. It’s a collected individual who can bide their time in a conversation, one who can listen, assimilate and identify when their considered contribution will have the greatest impact. Until then, silence will often speak the loudest.

They will possess a willingness - better yet, an eagerness to gain an informed and insightful degree of understanding. Take it up a notch, ask clients more questions, draw out all the components - make connections, explore issues, determine what’s important and identify solutions.

With passion usually comes determination and drive. That’s essentially how Remote Resourcing came about. I vowed to work with good people and clients whose work I feel passionate about which would inevitably mean I would be driven to succeed - self-motivated; energised to push on and get the job done.

The ever essential, empathy. I have high expectations of myself and of others but I have a helpful counter balance in empathy. It's often directed toward others I care about and it’s genuine. Be authentic. Empathy for self gain is not truly empathy and most will see right through it. Empathise without expectation.

There are many attributes a candidate would possess but those addressed are significant to me. They align with my own values and work ethic and not surprisingly, I’m drawn to others who exemplify comparable standards, consistently.

Values are a great foundation for big decisions but shouldn’t necessarily serve to generate a steadfast ideal. Businesses will evolve and an unwavering stance can be restrictive; a barrier to wonderful and unexpected prospects for which the events of twenty-seventeen have been a fine example to me in my first year of operation.

Thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn, to mentors, colleagues, clients, family and friends - I am learning so much from you all every day.


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